What music did I buy this year? Here’s the list, kids!

2017 was a weird year for music for me. I worked from home primarily so my active listening to music wained a bit, since I spend a lot less time in the car and my day job is not always conducive to listening to new music. I’ve also been focusing a bit more on  my own releases, hence the low output for album reviews this year. I’m hoping to change that in the coming year.

This being said I still bought a great deal of music. Outside of the Secret 13 mixes I’ve grabbed this year, the following are a list of the notable records I bought in reverse order of purchase:

Ambit – Corrupt-*Data_4
KK Null – Ghostscapes
John Vorus – Foot of the Crow
Chelsea Wolfe – Hiss Spun
Panda House – Ursa Astem
Dale Crover – The Fickle Finger Of Fate
Aaron Dilloway – The Gag File
Cooper Raines – Tonight We Sink in This Canoe
Gallery Six – under the sun
Spaace – 1
Thomas Andrew Doyle – Incineration Ceremony
Wraiths – Music for Aging
P.O.S – Chill, dummy
Author & Punisher – Drone Machines
Super Unison – Auto
Thelema – Eye of the Inner Universe

I’m willing to bet I’ve missed a few. I also purposely left off multiple purchases for a single artist. I further left out albums I purchased that were not released this year.

Some were really good. John Vorus’s record in particular is easily the best purchase this year. A couple were a complete letdown, such as Dale Crover’s solo effort. A couple were unexpected gems that came out of no where. Thomas Andrew Doyle (of Seattle’s Tad fame) released the impressive Incineration Ceremony, a collection of compositions more suitable to soundtrack work than his regular stoner metal fare. Spaace’s self titled two track ambient release was a very unexpected diamond in the rough that I’ve quite enjoyed.

I leave these here for you all to peruse and listen to for yourselves rather than try to do a mini review of each album. I’m not a fan of doing “best of this year” lists anyway.



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