In The Toolshed

In the Toolshed is an artist invite series of recordings by EnD.

The idea is to invite like-minded artists into the studio to allow them to work in a relaxed “anything goes” improvisational atmosphere where they can feed off EnD’s unique energy.

We strive to give the artist(s) an opportunity to work in an unrestrained manner with whatever instrumentation they prefer regardless of proficiency. Soiled Utilities Productions has a plethora of toys in house to help shape any idea and can accommodate virtually anything the artist(s) bring with them. They may be known for a specific instrument or style yet want to try something new. This series is designed to accommodate those needs.

Once recording is done it is then edited, mixed, and mastered here at Soiled Utilities Productions. Once the album is ready for release the record will be posted on the In the Toolshed Bandcamp Page.