The Studio

Soiled Utilities Productions is a DIY minded music production company in  Ypsilanti, Michigan. Part record label, recording studio, and management company we wear many hats but strive for excellence in every area.

Our studio facility has seen a massive upgrade. We have a whole host of new gear and software available for your needs. Our DAW is based around Digital Performer and T-Racks with a select host of outboard analog, digital, and MIDI gear.  We are currently set up to take on mixing and mastering projects with light duty overdubbing. We are not set up for live bands but can easily do some amp modeled or low volume amplified over dubs and have several amp choices. Offsite recording for larger volume recording is an option.

Feel free to message us directly for rates and scheduling. We are inclined toward the budget minded musician with a good work ethic. Srsly. If we like what you’re doing we can make it work.