People and organizations we like listed in no particular order:
Better known to many in the US as the guitarist and voice of Zeni Geva, Japanese noise artist Kazuyki Kishino has been releasing music under his own name and is a powerhouse in the Japanese noise scene. Both his solo work and many collaborations with other artists from all over the world can be found on his official website.
The Fuse Factory is an art and technology initiative focused on cultivating artistic production, research, and experimentation with digital media and electronic tools. Their purpose is to function as an incubator for innovation, interaction, collaboration, critical thought, diversity, and artistic exploration. Throughout the pandemic they have done some amazing livestreams from their Twitch Channel.
Cristiano Luciani, born in Rome and currently living in Berlin, is a master of live noise mixing and sound collage.
Hidekazu Imashige makes beautiful soundscapes from his small studio in Hiroshima. He is also a brilliant nature photographer as seen on all of his albums.
White Paddy Mountain is the home to Chihei Hatakeyama‘s current work. Chihei has recorded for Kranky here in the US as well. Some the most beautiful ambient music this side of Eno.
Former lead singer of Porkfist takes on Americana with amazing results. Punk poetry filtered thru the Appalachian Mountains and midwestern plains custom built to satisfy that itch to light a fire and stare at the stars on a still clear night.
A self made instrument in the hands of a true artist. Allow your ears to be punished.
Record label with a wide range of artists that work primarily in Europe, such as The Merricks, Sylphides, Emmanuele Gattuso, and Bathernay.
Árni Grétar best known under the pseudonym Futuregrapher, is an electronic musician  known as one of the leading members of the Icelandic Weirdcore scene and has been praised for his great live performances.
Located in Dearborn, MI they not only sell CD’s, cassette, and vinyl, but they put on all ages shows too! Owned and operated by Kranky recording duo Windy & Karl.
Located in Ann Arbor, MI has been specializing in used and new vinyl. Well stocked with used and new CD’s as well they are not afraid of the occasional special order.
Located in Oberlin, OH they are a record store and record label. The record store deals in used and new recordings in many formats. The label is a Noise label dealing in CD-r, CD, cassette, and digital releases. Owned and operated by Aaron Dilloway.
Run by former Bulb Records owner/operator Dr. Pete Larson. Focused primarily on African and African inspired music they are releasing a ton of great stuff including his own Cytotoxic Nyattiti Band which made our list of best records of 2020.
Owned and operated out of Seattle by Tad Doyle. They record a lot of heavy live bands on the dimmer side of metal. Awesome stuff! Also the home of Tad’s new band Brothers of the Sonic Cloth
We first discovered them thru a live collaboration video with KK Null they did at one of their shows. It was simply amazing. Very heavy and precise at the same time.
Ocadium is Qualo Infinity (aka Cooper Raines, Nik Thursday, Aki Tchen, etc). Ambient drone done with class.
An online web journal with album and artist reviews as well as a stunning amount of DJ mixes from a number of different artists. Occasionally they mix their own music, sometimes they make mixes of their favorite artists, sometimes they do both at once. The mixes are free to download and never cease to amaze.
Boomkat Limited is a specialist, independent online record store that has been trading since 1998. Online since 2002 they have supplied the finest Vinyl, CD, Cassette and Download releases to customers in over 100 countries. They are constantly on the lookout for the most innovative, exceptional, interesting and often overlooked music out there – regardless of where it has come from or who has made it.
Anthea Leigh and Mary Fraser with help from Bobby Voorheis have crafted a beautiful splash of dream pop. Cymbals shimmer alongside mixed meter guitar work.
An amazing math minded instrumental quartet, Panda House plays a dynamic set with ambient flourishes mixed into the mixed-meter bombast.
The universe is not big enough to contain the opposing forces of Krillin and Spaceskull. Doing battle on stages across Michigan and laying waste to crowds mental health as they go forth and try to destroy each other, this rock and roll spectacle is best seen live. Don’t miss them!
Ypsi rock duo with technical flare and an enormous stage presence. Guitar and drums with occasional live bass. A force to be reckoned with.
Comedienne, noise musician, and writer this avant artist extraordinaire does a little bit of everything. Either working alone or with others (Dental Work for example) Gladys is a true renaissance woman!
Free DNS service. Super useful if you internet much.