A quick note

As we start to move out of a post Covid world, it’s occurred to me that this site has somewhat languished. I’ve been running this site for quite sometime now. It’s been primarily used as a venue for my musical output. This will remain, but as EnD has been taking up most of my time musically and I manage the band website separately from this one, most of the posts are simply duplicates.

In short, I will no longer be cross posting on the regular. If EnD is doing something incredibly important I may drop it in here as well, but I think I’d rather put the focus of this site on my personal projects, the occasional side release, and pushing my taste in music further into the world.

Going forward, I’ll likely start doing more album and artist reviews. I typically buy 2-5 records a month on average, so this shouldn’t be hard to do, right?

Wish me luck!