As Yet To Be Named

As Yet To Be Named is a faceless nameless project. Built from a mixture of different personalities and the bold ideas put forth by each their own eccentricities, the groups recordings tend to be challenging in their beauty. Part noisescape, part avante-garde jazz experiment, these sound collages are as lush and abrasive on the average ear as they were near effortless to record. There are no established members of the group. Neither is there any one rule or set of rules followed for content creation. As Yet To Be Named does not perform live. This does not mean they won’t.

You can find them on MySpace and Bandcamp.

The first album “Full Circle” is available on CD (please contact for details). It is also available thru iTunes, CD Baby, and Bandcamp.

The second album “We are all just trash to the average Neocon” was an act of civic duty recorded during the height of the Bush administration and is a free download complete with album art. You can get it from their Bandcamp page.

The third record “Keep Me Safe” is an almost complete about face from their last album. Where “Neocons” often pummeled you with it’s sounds and politics, “Keep Me Safe” will lull you with it’s lush soundscapes and softer sensibilities. Originally released in MP3 format on the now defunct Tuneami music download site “Keep Me Safe” has been remastered and re-released on Bandcamp.