“Is this site still active?”, you ask.

I may go further into this over a series of posts, but to answer this question briefly: kind of. In the fall of 2022 I found myself very burned out from trying to extend the reach of EnD to play more regionally, constantly shift and change our set, and, more personally, eat healthier, drink less, … Read more“Is this site still active?”, you ask.

Top Ten Album list of 2021

This year has been another one for the books. Still in the midst of a pandemic. Stupid selfish people everywhere. Now a new variant that spreads quicker. Staying in all the time has gotten old, but this has been a good year for new music. It seems people being stuck indoors is really helping their … Read moreTop Ten Album list of 2021

Playing with my Star Wars figures…

Recently, poet and teacher Scott Beal was asked to come up with a poem in a group setting based on some form of fandom. His group was given Star Wars. Thus was birthed “Sometimes I wonder if maybe those were the droids we were looking for”. He asked me if I had any Star Wars … Read morePlaying with my Star Wars figures…

EnD’s Streaming on Fuse Factory March 5th!

The boys will be streaming again March 5th as part of Fuse Factory’s streaming series Frequency Fridays. You can join the steam from the Fuse Factory’s site as we’ll be streaming from their Twitch account. Please stick around for the whole show as we’ll be sharing the bill with Lea Bertucci and Amirtha Kidambi (NYC), … Read moreEnD’s Streaming on Fuse Factory March 5th!

Top 10 list for 2020

This year has been a very extreme expression of both highs and lows. Since the beginning of the lock down I have bought a lot more music than I normally would. If I bought your record, I listened to it. Believe that. If I didn’t buy your record, it may still be on my purchase … Read moreTop 10 list for 2020