Buzz Rodeo – Sports

a2182925615_10Buzz Rodeo is an Art Punk/Noise Rock Trio from Germany whose latest release “Sports” could easily fit in well on the Touch and Go label. This three piece wears its influences on its sleeves. Very familiar without being obvious. Elements of Man or Astroman, Shellac, and Arcwelder abound on “Sports”, simultaneously pointing back toward the sound of “Entertainment” era Gang of Four and yet moving forward to add something new and vital.

Sonically speaking this is a really tight record. This is apparent right from the get go. On the opener “Arkansas” the drums sound like they were recorded in a nice sized room with a descent set of overheads and some well placed pzm’s to catch the hits as they reflected off the walls. Nice and open without losing any of the definition.

The bass has a nice tight midrange tone that compliments the lows. Not always easy to do with any kind of fuzz involved, but here it’s captured nicely. As if a buzzsaw is cutting through a hard wood, like maple or oak. Listen to the tracks “Sound of the Universe” and “The Gap” and tell me you don’t hear it. Seriously.

The guitars are suitably jagged and bright, falling right into place with the rhythm section when necessary and floating atop of it or stepping aside just as deftly when required. Witness this tightrope walking on songs like “Pop”, “Movie Star”, and “Station 41”.

The album as a whole clocks in at 30 minutes and the songs mostly hover around the 3 minute mark. Each song leaves you wanting more and when the album ended I felt as if there had to be one more track. Just one more taste, as it were. Each song has its own feel without drifting so far out that you would guess it was another band. There are no stand out tracks on Sports because there are no bad tracks.

Grade A


Can be purchased from their Bandcamp site.

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