KK Null-Eternal Implosion

Eternal_ImplosionKazuyuki Kishino has been making harsh music for decades, both as a solo artist and as the leader of noise rock band Zeni Geva. He also has a cute Chihuahua.
I’ve been following his work since first having Zeni Geva’s Desire for Agony thrust on me. It was their show at Alvin’s in Detroit in 1993 that caused my ears to ring for three days. I’ll never forget how Kaxuyuki asked the sound guy to bring up the vocals in the mix. The guy shrugged at him and essentially said, “Your maxed.”
Eternal Implosion is probably my favorite album from his solo work. A stellar piece from a magnificent discography. It’s one track. The piece opens as if someone is taking a sledge hammer to a piano sound board. In a catacomb. Then that sledgehammer is tossed into space. Spinning and spinning thru space and time being knocked aside casually by forces much stronger then itself only to come back around to that piano sound board.
The secret to this track is something I found quite by accident. As a commuter I do most of my listening in the car either on my way to or from my day job. My phone was set to loop playlists and I caught myself not realizing when the track ended and didn’t care. It loops back on itself perfectly. I went through it two and a half times during my ride to work that day and didn’t mind. Highly recommended for those looking for an entree point into the noise and harsh noise music scene as this is very well thought out and “musical” composition.
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