Buzz Rodeo – Sports

Buzz Rodeo is an Art Punk/Noise Rock Trio from Germany whose latest release “Sports” could easily fit in well on the Touch and Go label. This three piece wears its influences on its sleeves. Very familiar without being obvious. Elements of Man or Astroman, Shellac, and Arcwelder abound on “Sports”, simultaneously pointing back toward the … Read moreBuzz Rodeo – Sports

Porkfist’s 2005 release “Plastic” has been remixed and mastered!

I’m very proud to announce the re-release of Porkfist’s lone studio album “Plastic” in all its newly re-mixed and mastered digital glory! It’s taken almost a year from start to finish but like a good brandy, these things take time. Please enjoy responsibly. Porkfist was the last live band I have played in to date. It … Read morePorkfist’s 2005 release “Plastic” has been remixed and mastered!