EnD’s “Live 3” recorded at Trixie’s is available for download!!!

A good night was had by all in attendance at Trixie’s on February 24th. Witchpucker set the evening off to a very good start with their blend of vocal manipulations and ambient guitar. Run from the Future debuted their electronic compositions with amazing precision to a fully enraptured audience. Three very different acts yet with serious common threads. There was extreme gear envy going on through out the night. Eddie and Damon look forward to working with both groups again in the future.

As always, EnD recorded their performance that evening and it is presented here for your listening pleasure.  We release all of our music thru Bandcamp and End’s Live series are always free to download. Due to some minor technical difficulties their are four points in the show where the sound drops out for a couple seconds. We hope this does not discourage your enjoyment of this incredible performance.

You can grab a copy of the live recording at EnD’s Bandcamp site.

Photo credit Brian Rozman

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EnD plays Trixie’s Bar Feb 24th!!!

EnD will be playing with Run From the Future, St. Zita, & witchpucker at Trixie’s Bar in Hamtramck.

Doors open at 8pm, 21 and over welcome, $6 cover.

Come on out! It’s going to be a very cerebral show.

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What music did I buy this year? Here’s the list, kids!

2017 was a weird year for music for me. I worked from home primarily so my active listening to music wained a bit, since I spend a lot less time in the car and my day job is not always conducive to listening to new music. I’ve also been focusing a bit more on  my own releases, hence the low output for album reviews this year. I’m hoping to change that in the coming year.

This being said I still bought a great deal of music. Outside of the Secret 13 mixes I’ve grabbed this year, the following are a list of the notable records I bought in reverse order of purchase:

Ambit – Corrupt-*Data_4
KK Null – Ghostscapes
John Vorus – Foot of the Crow
Chelsea Wolfe – Hiss Spun
Panda House – Ursa Astem
Dale Crover – The Fickle Finger Of Fate
Aaron Dilloway – The Gag File
Cooper Raines – Tonight We Sink in This Canoe
Gallery Six – under the sun
Spaace – 1
Thomas Andrew Doyle – Incineration Ceremony
Wraiths – Music for Aging
P.O.S – Chill, dummy
Author & Punisher – Drone Machines
Super Unison – Auto
Thelema – Eye of the Inner Universe

I’m willing to bet I’ve missed a few. I also purposely left off multiple purchases for a single artist. I further left out albums I purchased that were not released this year.

Some were really good. John Vorus’s record in particular is easily the best purchase this year. A couple were a complete letdown, such as Dale Crover’s solo effort. A couple were unexpected gems that came out of no where. Thomas Andrew Doyle (of Seattle’s Tad fame) released the impressive Incineration Ceremony, a collection of compositions more suitable to soundtrack work than his regular stoner metal fare. Spaace’s self titled two track ambient release was a very unexpected diamond in the rough that I’ve quite enjoyed.

I leave these here for you all to peruse and listen to for yourselves rather than try to do a mini review of each album. I’m not a fan of doing “best of this year” lists anyway.



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EnD releases in October!!!

EnD has three new releases for October!

Sessions 18 and 19 and their second Live show recording are all now available from Bandcamp! The live show as always is free to download so feel free to share it with your friends (or enemies if you want).



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EnD News: Sessions released, Live Album released, upcoming live show!

Sessions 12 through 17 are now available from their BandCamp page with links from our Store page. Shown here is Session 14. As always, all Session EP’s are priced at $1 a track and contain anywhere from 1 to 4 tracks per Session. Recorded live in our multi-track studio direct to our board then mixed and mastered in house, these EP’s are perfectly suited to be heard in headphones while out enjoying the fall evenings. Available in all digital formats.



On July 29th, 2017 EnD played their first live performance in front of a captivated audience at the Heartbreak Hotel with CigButts, Mellified Man, and Corridors. As with all live experimentation this was recorded, although due to technical difficulties with a stereo mic the audience reaction was not captured. The album is available for FREE from their Bandcamp page!




Also in EnD news, the boys will be special guests of the North Coast Modular Collective at the Dreamland Theater on Saturday, October 14th! The listed performers for the event are: Bill Van Loo , verzerrenJason EnglingXiNNiW, and ambit with music between sets hosted by DJ Klickbox. As with the last live performance projected film will be supplied by Remains! Don’t miss it!


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EnD has released more albums in their in-studio live session series!

 Check out the Store page for all the current releases! Currently up to Session 11 (pictured). Further sessions have been recorded and are due to release over the coming weeks.


Also stay tuned for event info as EnD plays their first ever live show!

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EnD releases available via Bandcamp.

EnD has been recording at a furious rate. As of today there are six Sessions released via Bandcamp with a seventh being released soon. Three further sessions have been recorded and are forth coming. All can be found on the bands Bandcamp site as well as the Store page of this site.

Also look for possible live shows this summer. We are in the early stages of planning, but there may be a chance to see EnD live in here in Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area. Stay tuned and like their page on Facebook for Event info.

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New band and many new releases!!!

EnD is a dark ambient noise group consisting of Eddie Jackson (PorkFist, Edweird, SubCortical) and Damon Palyka (The Jealous Type). Eddie, primarily using his mixed collection of stomp-box’s and synths otherwise know as The Soundlab (now in it’s 7th configuration) and Damon, playing his heavily modified guitar, his bass, keyboard, or pedal steel running thru a massive effects chain, have created a sonic onslaught that must truly be experienced in headphones. Preferably in the dark. With maybe one candle. And someone to hold on to. Ferrets optional.


Five sessions have been recorded and released as of today. Please check out these and future recordings available from Bandcamp. Keep abreast of new developments including live shows and new releases by liking their Facebook page.

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Fante’s Dust-Seconds

fantesdust-secondsFante’s Dust, their name liberally taken from a combination of the Los Angeles author John Fante’s name and his most famous book “Ask the Dust”, are a noise rock band working out of Germany.

Their EP “Seconds” is a tightly packed little slab of noise
sounding like a combination of a modernized version of late era Black Flag and any band who ever recorded for the Am Rep label in the 90’s. The Ep is brutal and wry in nature and sonically complex in tone. Guitar, bass, drums and vocals synced up in a tight delivery.
The vocals are equal part cheeky and dead serious, as if Mike Muir joined up with Gorilla Biscuits or Murphy’s Law, who then decided to release the result on Am Rep. From wry wit to outright anger there’s not so much vocal range as much as range of emotion. Falling into spoken word then leaping out into an anguished howl this singer knows how to weave, dodge, and then cut across the mix. As good as the tone and feel of this record is it could almost have fallen into the mire of generic hardcore if not for the vocals. Witness the vocal acrobatics of “Get Closer.”
The bass when clean sounds very clear and punchy. When distorted it cuts thru everything with a distinct growl. Whatever distortion box he’s using it has to be unique, as I’ve never heard anything like it to this day and I’ve played with a lot of stomp box distortion pedals on bass in my 47 years. The closest I can think of in tone is a EH Big Muff, but it sounds modded to punch up the lower mids.
As a bassist myself who sometimes desperately wants to be a guitarist, I really like this guitar player. He gives a lot of space for low end to fill up and only doubles the bass when ultimately necessary to the song. Angular, squelching, and yet full. Check out “Memories of You” and “Countdown to Solitude” to understand what I mean.
The drummer is more than a metronome in this mix. Again in “Get Closer” check out the stick work this guy is doing under the vocals. So tasteful and unique. And then when the pummeling comes it’s served up with a drubbing so satisfying you’ll beg for more. Also check out the clock work like timing on “Careless”.
Over all the record is consistent. Mixed and mastered well, it’s not unnecessarily harsh on the ears nor overly loud or compressed. Well balanced, you can hear everything distinctly while still having the four-dudes-in-a-room feel. Buy this thing so they can record more. Seriously.
You can purchase it from CD Baby in multiple formats or check out their SoundCloud page.
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Temple of Void-Of Terror and the Supernatural


On first listen, one would think this was just another generic metal album. Personally I don’t tend to gravitate towards the cookie monster vocal set and I get really bored with paint by numbers metal acts. On this record all of the metal stereotypes are on display, but I think that’s the point, and dismissing it outright for being unapologetically metal is way too easy and really doesn’t get to the heart of this band.
Where this album shines most is in it’s juxtapositions. The first cut “The Embalmer’s Art” has the expected heavy riffing and growled gruff vocals but also has a real honest to gosh melody sandwiched in between the two. This totally elevates the album from the mundane into “capturing my interest” territory. This is done again during early parts of “Invocation of Demise”, where an organ was played as a melodic element. Not only did it  feel like it belonged, it would’ve worked well on it’s own as part of an extended ambient piece. By the songs end what would normally be a lead guitar part is replaced by a riff in the higher registers rather than blatant noodling. It feels right and less obnoxious than if it had been a guitar solo.
Another stand out track is “Rot in Solitude”. It begins with what sounds like on the surface as a standard metal riff. One you would expect to get picked up and catapulted in to a high octane frenzy. It never happens. The rhythm section steps in in cut-time and slowly stomps it into your ears (full disclosure- I’ve been in a band with Jason Pierce, the drummer, and I’ve always thought he was an amazing drummer. This just proves it. The man has taste). By songs end you’ve got gravel soaked vocals over a beautifully executed melodic guitar riff and it works.
The production on this record is good without being too good. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a fan of pop slickness and metal bands tend to want to strive for that polished hyper compressed sound. Sonically it feels like the band recorded in a decent studio with a lot of time spent making sure everything was done right with out crushing the humanity out of it. Tonally consistent through out with just enough bleed between instruments to make it feel like they played together thru most of the record. A look at the liner notes tells me the drums were recorded in a separate studio, but honestly, to my ears I couldn’t tell by simply listening to it. It feels like five dudes got sweaty and made a record and that’s the way it should be.
If you’re looking for something heavy and weird this is your record.
You can purchase a digital download or CD from the bands BandCamp site. I purchased the CD.
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