New year! New dirt!

For those of you who’ve followed this site all along, I thank you. For those of you just joining us, I appreciate you stopping by. I hope you’ll come back.

Soiled Utilities Productions has been the “company” I’ve used to release my projects since 1993. Our first proper release was As Yet To Be Named’s “Full Circle”, a  faceless quasi-collective made up of myself and several friends. The idea was that we would all go nameless and be listed by our current job titles.  AYTBN began as a way for Geoff Dailey and I to work with Steve Toth, but others were brought in over the course of the three albums including Anthea Schroeder, Eric Westmaas, Steve Goossen, Rudi Thornburgh, and Rob Crozier. This project fizzled out when Geoff moved to New Orleans and no one else wanted to work on it, especially since they were largely uncredited in the press. A good idea gone sideways. Live and learn.

After Porkfist disbanded in 2005, due to three of the four members, (including Geoff) moving out of town, the output went solely to Edweird as I went into retirement from live music. During that time I started working on various record reviews and simply posting about certain points of interest that grabbed my eye and/or ear. This all changed upon rekindling my acquaintance with Damon Palyka. EnD’s output has been staggering to say the least and we now do live shows that have been well received locally. We hope to expand that out to other locales in the future.

Currently I’ve been slowly working on new solo material, working under the name Subcortical, continuing to build the EnD brand, and doing one off side projects with others, including one already released with Dan Blades. EnD may be the main focus currently, but since we have our own site now, I feel I can get back to using this catch-all to branch out and promote other stuff I like that I may not be personally involved in.

I’m hoping to do more album reviews over the coming year, and definitely want to shine a light on all the interesting things my friends are doing . EnD also have some very special ideas in the works that we are ecstatic about and hope you’ll find equally enjoyable once released. It’s gonna be an amazing year folks!

So stick around. The fun’s just waiting to swirl around the bowl and direct into your mind.

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